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    Behind the doors

    Rev Studio

    Color and shape is poetry within a space, the layers go forming one after another, the process and success depends on never forget about that inner melody. Listen to your melody and create spaces that they will grow with you. Agustina de Tezanos together with her Talented Design team, create beautiful spaces, designed to fill residences with functionality as well as commercial spaces. Rev Studio has designed projects of all sizes, focusing on a single space or the entire house.

    Rev Studio Guatemala
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    The Studio

    The Creative Process of arriving at an idea that is totally different from the another is a challenge for the mind and creativity, that challenge is what makes each project is more beautiful than another because each one had a different look, a different feeling a different diet. The Rev team helps me deliver each creative process a very different way.

    Rev Studio Guatemala

    It's such an Incredible liberation of art and skills the team gives in each process.We create A Life Canvas, materializing with objects within a space. Creating a story, what personality will reflect, that we want to transmit, how the “flow” will work, what materials will be around it, is part of the creative process of an immaculate Interior Design, the process of taking the spirit of the people who want to have their reflection within the space. Uniqueness is the result of each exercise, and in the end the Canvas of Life remains captured in every square meter. Trust the Process.

    Beauty will save the world.